Notice of confidentiality and consent

In order to carry out and process the Pachelbel project, specific data (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) must be collected and processed from all participating persons. By participating, i.e. uploading a video together with the associated personal data, the participant or his/her legal guardian agrees to the following data protection provisions: 

  • NSYM uses this data exclusively for the provision, implementation and handling of the Pachelbel project. NSYM, being responsible for data protection, can be reached at:
  • In particular, NSYM will not use any participant’s personal data for any further advertising or marketing purposes unless the participant has expressly consented thereto.
  • Participants agree to be contacted by NSYM employees via the e-mail address or telephone number provided in order to coordinate a possible publication of their contributions.
  • Any personal data or parts thereof will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed for the Pachelbel project.
  • Participants agree to NSYM to present their uploaded contributions for an unlimited period of time by stating at least their first name, age and place of residence.
  • Upon written or textual request, participants may demand information from NSYM at any time as to which kind of personal data is stored by NSYM, may request its correction or deletion, and may revoke their consent to its use.
  • For any questions regarding collection, processing or use of personal data, for any information, correction, blocking, deletion of data or the revocation of this consent, please contact: 
  • The judges’ decision is final.